Saving the Universe from the negative forces of disharmony and spreading musical good cheer along the way!
The Galaxy Starz Motion Comic & Animation Series

Genre: Action / Comedy / 2D Animation & Motion Comic Series
A group of alien hybrid friends and their robot traveling through the Universe in their Starship cruizer, Cadence, time travel the interplanetary space-highway. Parked inside the Cadence Star ship is their shuttle craft, Telestar, used when landing on planets and taking a space flight.
The alien friends are in a pop rock band called, The Galaxy Starz. Whenever they're not on a mission they can be heard in their recording studio. The fun-loving characters engage in music, fun, action filled, adventurous situations with new and interesting characters from other worlds (including Planet Earth.)

NAVSTAR7 Robot (an Area 51 built transponder tracking robot) sent by D.A.R.C. (Department of Alien Retrieval Cleanup) a Government agency within Area 51, is sent into the future to track any threats to their National Security after Tremolo and sidekick Jettersun Robot escape from their capture. Thanks to Tremolo and Jettersun Robot, The Galaxy Starz now have to avoid detection and capture from NavStar7 Robot.
The antagonist, an alien with a galaxy sized ego and an even bigger grudge, is named Tremolo. TREMOLO THE TERRIBLE, a power mad, cloaked villain. Tremolo used to be the biggest musical star in the SERENADE CONSTELLATION, a music-based system of planets that orbit a sun powered by the vibrations of music itself. But that was before his fans revolted against his dark ways and he was banished from the intergalactic record charts. He blames Galaxy Starz.
Tremolo is now determined to make his diabolical comeback to once again rule over the musical planets. Warping from planet to planet in his ominous, flying recording studio, Tempo, and his robot sidekick, Jettersun, "Jet."
The vainglorious villain intends to pillage the most powerful and fantastic musical treasures in the solar system and use them for his own evil designs. Among the priceless treasures that Tremolo covets is the MUSIC BOX, a life size pirate style chest, that holds special magical orbs, that if unlocked would release a throng of wild, unruly musical creatures called Zelphers, that must be recaptured and put back in the box to restore harmony.
The Galaxy Starz team has a huge advantage when saving the Universe from the negative forces of disharmony and spreading good cheer along the way. The Cadence Star ship is loaded with an advanced self-automated computer system called, Octavius, designed to voice the Cadence.