Saving the Universe from the negative forces of disharmony and spreading musical good cheer along the way!

The Galaxy Starz Motion Comic Series Episode Log Lines

Secrets Of The Unknown Episode 1
                   (Part 1-2 & 3)

The Music Box - Episode 2

Sphere 7  - Episode 3

When The Galaxy Starz investigate a planet interfering with their communications, they find an incomplete set of hieroglyphic stones. When a benevolent alien tells them one member of the band has the ability to bring the stones together and unlock their power, that member ventures out to complete the set.
Band members, The Galaxy Starz, chase the disgraced musical artist Tremolo to the Serenade Constellation where Tremolo is searching for the Music Box. The Galaxy Starz must stop him from releasing the box’s musical creatures that would disrupt harmony and destroy their music careers.
The Galaxy Starz search for a new planet to shoot their latest music video only to find a nebula that is trying to communicate with them through musical notes, but when their nemisis, Tremolo, shows up and decodes the message, the race is on to the mysterious destination, the planet revealed.

                Delta Orionis - Episode 6
When the Galaxy Starz realize one of their seven mystical stones landed on a meteor when their ship was destroyed, they must chase the meteor down before it collides with planet Earth.

The Return - Episode 5

Lost In Space - Episode 4

The Galaxy Starz take advantage of their escape from Tremolo to repair their ships systems, but before they can get all of the security back on-line, they must contend a surprise attack. 
After The Cadence Ship is destroyed, Galaxy Starz must determin where it went down and salvage whatever they can.
                    Multi-Verse - Episode 8

When the Galaxy Starz find themselves in Tremolo’s crosshairs for a second time, they decide to go on the offensive to send Tremolo and his ship through a wormhole.
            Planet Earth - Episode 7
Armed with their new spaceship, the Galaxy Starz speed after a meteor headed straight for earth. When it seems like all hope of retrieving their stone and saving earth are lost, Orbit devises a plan that will utilize his newfound abilities.
               Area 51 - Level 68 - Episode 9
When Tremolo the Terrible ends up in Area 51 his situation becomes so desperate he must ask his rivals, the Galaxy Starz, for their help.
    The Serenade Constellation - Episode 12 
With a message sent to The Galaxy Starz, they set course back to a familar part of the Universe. Their mission: “Saving the Universe from the negative forces of disharmony and spreading good cheer along the way.”
      Planet Star Rock - Episode 10
The Galaxy Starz plan a trip to Planet Star Rock for a little band competion. When the team members arrive, they  quickly discover a mysterious danger involving their lead singer, Artemis.
      The Galaxy Starz Vs. Star Rockers - Episode 11
The entire Universe is watching "Alien Entertainment Television"© from their  digital satellite TV space providers, when a familar "TERRIBLE" face is seen backstage.